when stars fall…

20 Jan

here is my finished illustration done in ink


a few in progress…

5 Jan

these are just a few of the drawings i am currently working on.  i will post better photos of each individually once they are finished.











happy 2011!!!



♕ someone needs to get married in this ♕

16 Sep

So much better than those hideous princess gowns and mermaid messes that seem to glut every single one of those terrible bridal shows that are cramming TV airwaves.

Say yes to this dress instead:

By Bibhu Mohapatra for his spring/summer 2011 line.  So simple and delicate, yet also so intricately and beautifully detailed.

A few other favorites:

am already looking forward to spring

11 Sep

Now that New York Fashion Week has officially kicked off, I am becoming struck with a premature case of spring fever.  I love examining the new collections as the photographs are released to the public.  Every season, every year, this is my ritual.  It is always new and exciting and inspiring!

It is still just the beginning of the shows, but a few early standouts for me are; Vena Cava, Kimberly Ovitz, Jen Kao and Nicholas K.

A lot of the time, for me, clothes tend to fall into two categories.  The first is Wearability, where I imagine the garment in my everyday life, projecting an image that meshes with my personality, my moods and my activities.  The second category is, Fantasy.  This category is preserved for very special occasions.  This is when clothing takes on the ability to transform you’re own image of yourself.  You are able to try on different guises or be transported to another time or place; these are the clothes of your dreams.

All of the above designers’ collections fall into the first category.  These all echo the mood and look that I want right now.

First and my absolute favorite (so far) Nicholas K.

These spring looks are filled with comfy, drapey, loose & flowy wonderfulness.  Since it also has a touch of grunge and a muted color palette, its like a nostalgic, more modern twist on my teenage outfits during the mid-nineties.

Vena Cava also chose to show beautiful wisps of silk in deeply saturated hues and delicate geometric patterns.

Jen Kao

Kimberly Ovitz

Both designers did beautiful white moments.  One structured and fitted, the other floating and free-spirited.

she’s a twentieth century fox

25 Aug
fennec fox sketch

sketch by jessica summer

I’ve started a little series of animal illustrations.

This one is a sketch of a baby Fennec Fox.  They really do have ginormous ears which just adds to their adorable appeal.

I will post a few more of my animal illustrations soon, and many more fashion illustrations.  I have been having trouble getting my camera to communicate to my computer so that I can upload photos of my drawings.  When the two (camera & computer) finally come around and decide to be on speaking terms again, I will post my new stuff.  Meanwhile, I will try to sort out the issue or get my hands on a scanner.

Oh, to live on Sugar Mountain

8 Aug

With the barkers and the colored balloons

You can’t be twenty on Sugar Mountain

Though you’re thinking that you’re leaving there too soon

photos: chloe sevigny in harper’s bazaar

courtesy of fashion gone rogue

You’ve got the universe reclining in your hair

9 Jul

source: fgr