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♕ someone needs to get married in this ♕

16 Sep

So much better than those hideous princess gowns and mermaid messes that seem to glut every single one of those terrible bridal shows that are cramming TV airwaves.

Say yes to this dress instead:

By Bibhu Mohapatra for his spring/summer 2011 line.  So simple and delicate, yet also so intricately and beautifully detailed.

A few other favorites:


all your armour has turned to lace

8 Jun

source unknown

How did it feel to be alone

6 Jun

drawing by jessica enlow

(click on image to view complete drawing)

Show us your rich and treasured memories, Those marvelous jewels, ethereal and astral

25 May

More beautiful and amazing antique jewels

All jewelry dates from the late 19th or early 20th century. The first four designers are unknown. The necklace in the last picture was designed by Alphonse Mucha.